How to know that your job interview was successful

Successful Job Interview

Understanding whether the interview has been successful or not successful is a bit tricky. Interviewers do not want to show interviewees the picture of what is the result of the interview but from their language and gesture, you can tell if the interview was successful or failure. Here are some of the indicators of successful job interviews.

1. Engaging in a casual discussion with the interviewer. The interview shifts from just an interrogation of questions and answers and continues to a casual chat as you laugh at each other’s jokes, ignore the formal procedure; know that you are on the right track. You have already caught the interviewer’s interest.

2. When the interviewer starts making the efforts to sell you the job. He starts showing the advantages of working with the company, why you should welcome an opportunity of working with them and trying to develop your interest in the company, just know he’s choosing for you this job.

3. They ask when you will be ready to work. If after the interviewer asks when you will be ready to start work should you be successful, just know you are the leading candidate so far in the race of getting that job.

4. Putting you in their future plan of the company. At the end of the interview, the interviewer is already telling you how they will need your skills and services in the company’s future projects; it’s an indication that you have showcased yourself very well.

5. They ask to talk to you for the second time. If after the interview, the interviewer asks you to schedule for the second interview or another official meeting, then the interview has been successful.

6. The interviewer seems excited talking with you, gives you smiles and a positive body language, it’s a gesture that you have made it. But should the interviewer look bored, avoiding eye contact or looking at the clock every time, just know you have failed.

7. Your interview exceeds the normal time. The interview duration is 10 minutes, but surprisingly, yours surpasses those minutes and goes beyond to 15 or 20; know that the interviewer has found you interesting.

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The most sure and obvious way of confirming whether the job interview was successful or not is being called back by the company telling you that you have been chosen.

Questions to ask the interviewer at a job interview


When you go to the job interview, you are there to be asked not to ask, with that in mind, you will learn that you need to control yourself and your curiosity when it comes to time for you to ask the interviewer some questions.

Most interviewers after asking all they have to ask and you answer all you have to answer, they conclude with this question “Is there anything you would to know from me?” Your answer should never be a ‘NO’. Saying no shows the interviewer that you are not interested in the company; you just need a job period. You need to know about the salary right? Leave days, allowances and other benefits, right? This is not the time to ask about such stuff, you will bargain about those once you have been successful and hired, such question will destroy your successful interview. Instead prepare questions to tease his mind.

1. Ask the interviewer how he found you. Questions like: I am interested in this job and I think I will be successful. Do you think I am fit for the role?

This shows that you are confident in yourself; looking at yourself as someone fit for the job. This gives a good impression to person interviewing you.

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2. If I am offered job here, what preparations do I need to do?

With this question, you are showing the interviewer that you are confident enough that you will get through, and you are ready to start working.

3. Is support available, if I want to learn extra skills?

This shows the company that you are someone who wants to get better and better every day in your new job. All companies help and encourage workers to get further training.

4. I am really impressed with your company and I am confident that I will get this job, when should I expect to hear back from you?

This shows how good and ready you are for the job. Asking them when to come back for a follow back is very good because if you do not ask them, you will be left wondering whether to come for a follow back or not and when to come for a follow back.

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